All the events of Musta Kallio are free of charge, unless otherwise informed.
Links to the web pages of the groups participating in Musta Kallio 2017.


Tuesday 6.6.

INFO EVENT: Fascism in Finland 2017
Lymy (Hämeentie 30)
at 17–19
organized by: Varis-verkosto

Opening event of Rojava exhibition
Lymy (Hämeentie 30)
at 20
organized by: Yhdessä Rojavan puolesta & Lymy


Wednesday 7.6.

Street-event by Vapaa syndikaatti
meeting at Hakaniemi market square
at 15.30
organized by: Vapaa syndikaatti

Lymy (Hämeentie 30)
at 14–19
opening event of exhibition 6.6. at 20
organized by: Yhdessä Rojavan puolesta & Lymy

GET-TOGETHER: Coffee Without Borders picnic (the picnic will be post-poned to another time, there will be a Coffee Without Borders café instead)
Oma Maa (Kaarlenkatu 15)
at 18–20
organized by: Free Movement network (Vapaa liikkuvuus)


Thursday 8.6.

Lymy (Hämeentie 30)
at 14–19
opening event of exhibition 6.6. at 20
organized by Yhdessä Rojavan puolesta & Lymy

WORKSHOP: The Other Side of Information Security
Mustan kanin kolo (Hämeentie 26)
at 18
organized by: A-ryhmä
requirements: participants are expected to know the basics of information security

TALK AND DISCUSSION: The Aachen bank robbery and solidarity
Kurvin kirja (Hämeentie 48)
starts at 18.30
talk and discussion will be in English.


Friday 9.6.

WORKSHOP: Stencil-making
Pyöräpaja (Pasilan puistotie 12)
at 16–18
organized by: Pinkkimusta Helsinki
organizers ask for donations (2–3 euros) to cover expenses from the workshop

GAME: Night basketball
Brahen kenttä (Helsinginkatu 25)
at 22
organized by: Varis-verkosto
Facebook event (with more info)


Saturday 10.6.

MOVIE: Jyväskylän meininki: A punk documentary (2016, 57min) & discussion
Squat Kumma (Puustellinpolku 15)
showtime at 14

WORKSHOP: Eroon Sipilästä
Lymy (Hämeentie 26)
at 16–18
organized by: A-ryhmä

PRESENTATION: Kolera collective and anarchist publishing
Mustan kanin kolo (Hämeentie 26)
organized by: Kolera collective & Mustan kanin kolo
Facebook event (with more info)

GIG: Hip-Hop
Kumma (Puustellipolku 15)
at 19–23
tickets 3–5 euros
Gig´s facebook event with the artists and other info


Sunday 11.6.

Antiauthoritarian Pasila walking tour
meeting at 11 in front of Konepaja Bruno (Aleksis Kiven katu 17)
walk will last approximately 2 hours and will be held in Finnish

FOOD: Vegan ice-cream brunch to support anarchist prisoners
Squat Kumma (Puustellinpolku 15)
at 14–17
organized by: Anarchist Black Cross Helsinki
enrollments at until 8th June in order to estimate the amount of ice-cream. Recommended price for ice-cream portion: adults 7–12 euros, children 3–6 euros.

TO READ: Zine & book fair
Squat Kumma (Puustellinpolku 15)
at 14–18
Some of the distros that will be there: Hämeen anarkokustannus, Kolera-kustannus, Mustan kanin kolo, QFemZine – Queeriä ja Feminismiä/QFemZine – Queer and Feminism, TAL, Tasajako, Yhdessä Rojavan puolesta

GIG: End-of-the-Musta-Kallio-gig at Kumma (playing Parasomnia, Nihilist Waves, Hyggelig, Päädyttiin paahtoleipään)
at 18, playing starts around 18.30


More information of the events:

Tuesday 6.6.: Varis Helsinki organizes an info event about fascism in Finland at Lymy (Hämeentie 30) from 5pm to 7pm.

From the 90s Nazi skinheads to the 612 torch march, neo-Fascism in Finland has decades of tradition. What does the fascist political environment look like in Finland 2017? The lecture gives insight to the currently active fascist groups in Finland. At the end of the event, there will be space reserved for questions and open conversation.

Lymy is accessible by wheelchair and stroller through the side door, closest bathroom that is wheelchair accessible is a public bathroom next to the Haapaniemi football field, few hundred meters from the venue towards the city center. The speak will be held in Finnish and translation provided if necessary.

The event is organised by the Helsinki group of the anti-fascist Varis network founded in early 2014.

Wednesday 7.6.: Welcome to Coffee Without Borders to meet old and new friends and join the work for migrants rights

Counselling also on it’s regular place, starting at 5pm.
The Free Movement network hosts an open, free-of-charge café every Wednesday from 6 pm to 8 pm at Kaarlenkatu 15 (Kallio district). The café is meant for all those who love freedom and hate borders. You are welcome regardless of what it says on your passport or whether you have one at all. We offer hanging out in nice company and program (talks, movies etc.)

The Free Movement network supports migrants’ struggles for their rights and offers free advice for foreigners.
We want to make the café a safe space for everyone, where children and elderly, women, men and others, straight people, gays and lesbians, regardless of origin, social status and religion are equally welcomed. We do not tolerate racism.
The space is alcohol-free.
Also, children are very welcome.

Thursday 8.6.: Talk and Discussion about the Aachen bank robbery and solidarity at Kurvin kirja (Hämeentie 48). Talk and discussion will be in English and it will start at 18.30.

In 2013 and 2014 two banks were in the german city of Aachen.
Due to international police collaboration and the links between national DNA databases there were and now are 3 anarchists, from different countries, facing german courts for this expropriation. While the trials are running, there has been acts of solidarity from all over the world.

I would like to give updates about the case and discuss about anarchist solidarity in general.

Friday 9.6.: Welcome to spend the evening and play basketball with us from 10pm onward. The place is Brahenkenttä in Kallio, Helsinki (Helsinginkatu 25).

Everyone is welcome to play regardless of skills and fitness! Gather your friends and assemble a team, and sign up by sending email to varishelsinki [at] riseup [dot] net.

Matches are played with max. 6 player teams, and one round is 10 minutes. If you can’t find yourself a team beforehand, it is possible to form teams at the event. There are prizes for winners!

Sunday 11.6.: Vegan ice cream brunch to support anarchist prisoners
Helsinki ABC is organizing a vegan ice cream brunch on Sunday 11th June, the international solidarity day for anarchist prisoners, in Kumma (Puustellinpolku 15, 00410 Helsinki) at 2pm-5pm. With ice cream we serve crepes, too. There will be information about prisoners and how they are doing. We will take enrollments at until 8th June in order to estimate the amount of ice cream.

Sunday 11.6.: Musta Kallio festival will be concluded on the 11th of June at Squat Kumma where there will be a ice cream brunch and a zine fest, we thought that that wasn´t enough so we decided to put together a “party” to celebrate the final day of the festival, the awful noise makers that will be present are:

Basic -82 snot crust hc

Power-Electronics project that focuses on the critics of that capitalist asshole which is your boss. Different praxis are exposed about how to not pay food and goods at the supermarket.

Finlands finest early Napalm Death-esque band, now with bass!

A brand new noise act, known for its fierce and unforgiving live performances, key words: Melodica, spoken word and anarchy.

Music starts roughly around: 18.30~